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Video Digitization

Bring your home videos into the 21st century.

Are your video tapes taking up too much space? Did you get rid of your VCR player years ago? Let us help you relive all of those good memories.


We’ll convert your videos to high quality .mp4 files for easy viewing on any device. If another video format is requested, we can transcode your files for a small additional fee per video tape.


We can accept your tapes via mail or via porch pick up. As a health measure, we are currently limiting the number of face-to-face pickups. Please be aware that we are not liable for safe delivery via any mail or delivery service.

VCR Tapes

We process the following tape formats:

1-4 Tape: $17 each

5-10 Tapes: $15 each 

11-20 Tapes: $13 each 

21+ tapes: $12 each


$7 each

Delivery Format

We provide you with high quality .mp4 files delivered via USB or via cloud storage of your choice. We will gladly deliver additional video formats, DVD copies, or additional digital copies of your order for a small additional fee.

Secure Backup

We’ll keep a backup of your files for 3 months past purchase. If your files are lost or damaged on your computer within that time, we’ll provide the backup at no extra cost.

Convenient pick-up and drop-off

We offer free porch pick up with orders over $200 and free delivery of original materials at the completion of your order.

Recycling Program

If you decide you don't want your original media returned, we will deliver items to a recycling facility free of charge.


Minimum total order of $50 required

Due to the nature of these services, 50% of your total is required upfront and 50% after order completion and before final delivery. Both of these payments can either be made online or in person. We accept both cash and card.

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